Innerlight creations come from the divine spark residing within us all...

Vail Davidson - Artist Statement


My collages are stream of consciousness visual narratives expressing the way I see the world and all its many facets through the lens of heart and soul. Ever since I was a small child I have been fascinated with the concept of Creation. From the artistic to the scientific. From the micro to the macro. The Universe…our planet, its elements and inhabitants, though appearing separate, have always felt to me deeply intertwined and connected. 

With that spirit I approach envisioning and manifesting my work, using a technique I call painting with photographs. They are rather large pieces crafted from hundreds of precisely hand cut magazine photographs and hand drawn paper cut-outs (sometimes smaller than a fingernail) blending to produce a multidimensional tapestry expressing a purposefully chosen written message.

My passion for screenwriting and filmmaking ultimately inspired this concept, because movies are a magnificent synergy between the script and the images that tell a story. They put me in touch with my awareness of interconnectivity, driving me to use language paired with image to create my own stories.


My sculptures are three dimensional gesture drawings that capture snapshots in time, expressing the emotion and intention behind each particular moment.  My physical interpretation of these moments range from the literal to the abstract and often fall somewhere in between, just as life is an intersection between what we see and what we only sense and feel.

I bend, twist, wrap and layer brass, copper and stainless steel wire into dramatic figures engaged in soulful, passionate events and interactions.  When this part of the work is complete, I anchor them to a natural rock base, giving the characters a sense of transcendence while still being grounded.  

My love of storytelling and dramatic expression generated this idea, demonstrating how one simple gesture can ultimately speak a thousand words.